Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday getaway

Friday was Sams birthday and he had a great day. He got lots of good presents. So many that he has a hard time picking what to play.

Saturday was Johns birthday. We took off and went to Reno for a few days. It was so nice. Very relaxing. We didn't feel rushed, were able to relax when we wanted to, eat what we wanted to and just enjoy being alone.

Saturday night, John chose Olive Garden for dinner. While he ran into the bathroom when we first got there, I sprung into action and picked out a dessert for him and asked them to sing to him. He was SO surprised. His face turned pretty red.

The picture is a tad dark. But, take my word for it, his face was red. I have it on my little flip video camera, too.


Debie said...

Glad you had a good time and John had a great Birthday!

Nathan Pralle said...

We love going to the O.G. I know it's chain and all that, but it's fancy for us! :)