Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gaps can be good!

As most everyone knows, my kids have gaps between their teeth. Except Lexi now. She has beautiful teeth thanks to the braces. Colbys teeth are very similar to what Lexi's were like when she was little.

The dentist checked his teeth out and was very pleased by the amount of gaps. It's a good thing to have gaps to prevent the cavities in between the teeth.

Colby found a use for his front gap. He got a sucker at stride rite. He was sucking on it on the way home. I turned around and he stuck the stick in his gap and didn't have to use his hands. Creative little thinker!

You can barely tell head on that his stick is stuck up there. Gaps can be a good thing!

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Nathan Pralle said...

Gaps are also insanely handy for squirting water in the pool! Had one when I was a kid, pre-braces.

Clever boy!