Friday, August 7, 2009

Kindergarten and Tot time begins!

Yea! School has started up for Sammy and Chloe. It was a very exciting day this past Monday. Sam doesn't start school til 8:15 am, but decided to wake up around 6:30 that morning.

We all got ready and took the "first day of school pictures". You know the one I'm talking about, the backpack pose. I got all of the kids together finally and snapped a few real quick. They were all happy and excited, so I got one with them smiling! Sam still wearing that backpack, of course.

He went to Kindergarten with no problems. He was so excited that when he saw Quino across the parking lot, Sam did his happy dance.

Sam will do great in class this year . . . as long as he's not too wild for his teacher. So far this week, I think he's been really good in class. He says he listens and is a good boy. I'm assuming he is since he is super wild after school gets out. All of that contained energy just bursts out once we start leaving school.

Chloe loves tot time and is a little pro at me leaving her this session. There have been no tears. I worried since Sam isn't there with her, but I'm thinking she might like it better that way.

I'm working at getting Colby back on his "school's in session schedule". Trying to get him to nap in between drop offs and pickups. With the kids back in school, they seemed to have shared something with Colbs. He now has a fever. The first of many to come, I'm sure. Such a bummer!

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